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Matt mbuland at
Thu Oct 24 10:38:01 MDT 2013

Hey all,

Meeting tonight. 6pm, CTLM B60.

We'll probably do a retrospective on what we'd still like to talk about,
get some people to commit to some certain topics, and re-plan out the
rest of the semester (which will include the date for the next LAN
Party, and divide out some website work for the hacking competition.
Let's start getting some vulnerable code planned out).

Here's what we've covered so far:
Warning: Dates and order may be wrong, but it's close-ish

8/15      First Meeting
8/22      Started planning && What's linux?
8/29      Don't remember what happened
9/5        Don't remember what happened
9/12      Matt: Systemd vs Sysvinit (slides attached as an ODP)
9/19      Jason: Emacs
9/26      Matt: Starting with Minecraft Server setup, and ending up with
internet-traffic and basics of ports.
10/3      Jesse: NMAP/PortForwarding
10/10    Jason: Filesystems.
10/17    Talk about games for the LAN Party

The entire list of topics and ideas we started with:

Hacking competition rule
    internet connection
    public domain
    rails - development version
    Cannot physically touch
    MySQL DB

Help Sessions
Linux Installs
Covered Presentations
    Port forwarding and network basics and nmap(Jesse) - Andrew Demaria
    Docker - Andrew Demaria
    Bash/Sh/Zsh/Linux programming
    Using bash/sh/zsh/ksh/fsh
    Basics/anatomy of a text editor?
    Local fileservers
    LAMP Stack - Matt
    Minecraft server?
    LFS / Gentoo / Modifying the kernel / Different kernels -- Arch install
    Weekly facts/trivia/applications/news
    ZFS From oracle?
    Delloite - IOS
    ReadyTalk - Debian
    Google - Josh Thomas
    Xen Desktop + Hypervisors/VMs by Roy?
    Libreoffice and You and pizza
    LaTeX tutorial - By Zach
    Hamlet/YAML/Gaml/XAML//XML alternatives
    WebSockets and WebServers and Javascript

Matt Buland
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