LUG: Meeting Tonight - 2013/10/03

Matthew D. Buland mbuland at
Thu Oct 3 10:44:17 MDT 2013

Hey guys,

Just a reminder: We have a meeting tonight. Jesse is going to talk about
port-forwarding, a cool utility NMAP, and fun networking things.

Last week, I talked about what's needed to run your own minecraft server
from a networking standpoint, but wound up talking about HTTPS.

LANPARTY! We're going to have our first LAN-party on 2013/10/19 at 6:00pm
in CTLM-B56. Bring 6$ for pizza: we'll order from Domino's, like we always
do, and Zach and/or I will bring some sodas.

The games we currently have are listed below:
Warcraft III
Red Eclipse
If anyone wants another game, just let me know, and we can see about adding
it. But we do want to maintain that all the games in our list can be ran on
school computers.

It's suggested that you bring your own computer (in LAN-type fashion), but
all of these games have all been confirmed to run on the school computers,
so those of you who don't want to drag around a heavy metal box don't need

I know there's some tests this week, so for those that have tests, good

-Matt Buland
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