LUG: LUG Meeting Today (11/14/2013)

Matt mbuland at
Thu Nov 14 10:11:38 MST 2013

Hey all,

Meeting tonight at 6PM in CTLM B56.

I've got our Raspberry Pi, so I was thinking we'd start working on
setting it up as a webserver, ssh server, etc for the hacking
competition we wanted to do with ACMx.

Here's the list of things we originally wanted to get running, and some
rules for the competition
    raspbian OS
    rails - development version on ruby development version
    DNS (bind, berkley internet name daemon?)
    MySQL DB

    Cannot physically touch
    persistant internet connection with a static IP
    public domain? (or is VPN/ssh -L fine?)
Other ideas
    private key placed in /root/, and each team gets a public-key
encrypted email. goal is to read the email
    Should we have interjections? (active defense?)

We'll talk about it tonight, and start getting some finite plans.
See you all tonight! (or some of you)

Matt Buland

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