LUG: Blaster Linux Iso 0.0.1

Matthew D. Buland mbuland at
Mon Feb 4 10:29:25 MST 2013

Hey all,

There are some links i'd like to share with you:

You can find all our git repos at the gitweb link, and the built isos ate
the BlasterIsos link.

We have 2 repos that we'll be using for the distro:
blasterlinux/blaster.git    will contain our actual distro, and it's root FS
blasterlinux/branch.git    will contain parts of our iso. Still not sure if
we'll want this

To clone a repo:
git clone ssh://<repo_name>
git clone ssh://

Right now, there's only a readme in blaster.git, but feel free to check it

I encourage everyone to download the iso, and test it out. At the moment,
it's Debian Wheezy with LXDE, and that's it. Soon here, we'll start
customizing, adding, and actually making a distro.

-Matt Buland
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