LUG: LANparty this Saturday!

Matthew D. Buland mbuland at
Fri Apr 12 16:03:44 MDT 2013

Hey guys,

Just a reminder, this Saturday (that's tomorrow), we'll be hosting another
LAN-party! Same room as always, CTLM B-60 at 6pm. Bring $6 if you want a
2-topping medium pizza from Dominos.

This time, we're going to try something a little different. We're going to
have a minecraft-based competition. A Voltz modpack server will be setup
(with some other supporting mods), then a competition to accomplish a
certain task will begin. We will have some rules (to keep things fair), and
will talk more about it when it's all been finalized. We also plan to
design it so that anyone can play with us.

Other games we will have available:
Heroes of Newerth (free to play MOBA game)
Xonotic (free/open source FPS)
Red Eclipse (FPS)
0 B.C (strategy game)
Warcraft 3 (tower defense)

Hopefully, we'll see you all tomorrow!

Stay classy,
Matt Buland
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