LUG: Meeting tomorrow

Zachary Stigall zstigall at
Mon Feb 27 15:33:27 MST 2012

Our meeting this week is going to focus on getting everyone setup with a Linux
install on their personal machine, multiple OS'es, virtualizing, or running
nothing but Linux. We will discuss several of the most popular distributions
and some of the challenges you may face installing them. Bring a blank CD or
Flash drive if you intend to install Linux (I don't have enough to supply the 

The reasoning behind getting Linux running on your own machine is that we will 
not be able to meet in a Linux Comp. Lab (Registrar won't reserve them, and CCIT 
has none), and I want you to be able to participate in the group. Also so you
can get more familiar with using Linux in general.

I also want to hammer out future topics, and a basic idea of the order we will
cover them. 

Meeting Details:
Date - 28 February 2012
Time - 6:00 PM
Place - CTLM B56

See you there.
--Zachary Stigall

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