LUG: LAN party info

Zachary Harrison Stigall zstigall at
Fri Apr 20 18:28:05 MDT 2012

Final details for all of you.
1) Bring friends, we have B56 AND B60.

2) IF you bring your own machine, bring an Ethernet cable if you have one
(good length will make life easier also.)

3) FOOD! I'm going the classic LUG LAN party route. $6 per pizza (medium 2
topping from dominos) I will make the order at some point, after getting
everyone's order. Order 1 pizza, or 10 I don't care, just so long as I get
paid for it upfront. NOTE: You do NOT have to eat with us.

4) DRINKS. NO ALCOHOL PERIOD. I will bring several 12 packs of sodas,
mostly throwback mountain dew, Pepsi, coke, etc... Email me if there is a
soda I should have, if i think enough people will drink it, I'll get it.

5) Have FUN

See you all there,

--Zachary Stigall
zstigall at
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