LUG: ACM/LUG LAN Party, this Friday at 6pm in CTLM B60, raffle prize!

Michael Rose mirose at
Wed Feb 9 07:44:03 MST 2011

Hey LUG!

IWe're going to be having one of our LAN parties *this Friday night* (Feb.
11th) in *CTLM B60 at 6pm*! Now it may not go as late as last time, I'm sure
many of us want to be rested for Winter Carnival.

*Prizes: *This time we'll have a raffle prize of a* $20 giftcard to BestBuy*!
:D yay

*Food:* We'll be doing the same thing as before for pizza, *$6 cash* nets
you your own medium 1-topping pizza which we will be ordering to be
delivered around* 8:00pm*.

You are free to bring your own machine, but if you do you'll need to be on
wireless or bring your own ethernet cable to plug into our network switch.
If you do bring your own machine, you won't need to bring a monitor.

*Games: *Starcraft 1, Starcraft 2, Nexuiz, OpenArena, WCIII Frozen Throne
and many many more.

If you don't have SC1, Nexuiz, Open Arena, and WCIII Frozen Throne + mods,
we can provide them and they will run on the school machines.

See you there!
Michael Rose
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