LUG: First Meetingish Thing! Linux Tutorial Session: Wednesday, September 8th @ 6pm CTLM B60

Michael Rose mirose at
Mon Sep 6 18:46:26 MDT 2010

Hey LUG,

Welcome to our new members! We had quite a few new signups this year from
the Celebration of Mines (hurrah!). Thanks to Brian Orlick for running the
LUG booth while I was in class taking quizzes.

Our first event, a *Linux Tutorial Session* for learning Linux command shell
basics will be held on *Wednesday, September 8th at 6pm in CTLM B60*. If you
get lost trying to find the room, ask a friendly blue-vested consultant
upstairs in the Computer Commons to direct you downstairs.

*An RSVP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!* I currently have a request for CTLM B60 out
but if needbe we can try and find larger accommodations. I'd just like to
get an idea of the numbers to expect (and the number of slices of cake to
bring...oh wait).

*A little about the LUG:*

We're an organization based around the use and extension of the Linux
operating system. This doesn't mean we all use it all the time, but tend to
be much better versed when it comes to the Linux OS.

You've joined the LUG. You might ask what we do. One of our newer activities
is running a Linux tutorial session each semester to teach students
currently enrolled in CS courses such as Operating Systems and students in
Geophysics first using Linux how to navigate their way through a Linux
command shell and the basics of the operating system. Generally we also have
semesterly or bi-semesterly LAN parties in conjunction with the ACM
(Association of Computing Machinery) club. At these we also have two hours
dedicated to a Linux installfest where we bring in laptops and desktops for
installing Linux onto.

As of late, the club has been moving more toward a general Computer Science
club. In this light, Brandon Vargo and I have been tossing around ideas for
small programming competitions, "lightning" talks (10-15 minute tech talks),
and possibly organized field trips to local datacenters. Security talks and
educational hackfests might also be in order; more on that later.

Eventually, we might be the "Mines Computer Science Club." For now, we're
the Mines Linux User Group. Don't be scared away by the name!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me back. Also be sure to *RSVP
* for the Linux Tutorial Session Wednesday night!

Michael Rose
LUG President
Too Many Other Titles
Way Overworked
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