LUG: ACM/LUG LAN Party this week, on Dead Day! (Friday 5:30pm, CTLM B60)

Michael Rose mirose at
Tue May 4 16:20:06 MDT 2010

Hey LUG,

LUG and the ACM will be holding another LAN party this week on *Friday night
at 5:30pm in CTLM B60*.

We may be ending early (e.g. ~midnight) so everyone has a chance to sleep
before finals. Be sure to study!
If everyone has finals after Saturday, great, we might be able to go longer.

We will be doing the medium pizza per person thing again. We ask that if you
want pizza, bring *$6* to cover the pizza + delivery&tip + tax and a little
left over for drinks.

Like last time we'll have OpenArena, Starcraft, Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
(Tower Defense + maybe DOTA), and whatever else we want.

I'll be hosting the files and games off my personal machine this time,
hopefully much faster!

Michael Rose
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