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Erich Hoover ehoover at
Sat Jan 16 10:52:30 MST 2010

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 4:42 PM, Michael Rose <mirose at> wrote:
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> Does anyone have more courses Linux is needed in? And which specific
> Geophysics/Physics courses need rudimentary Linux knowledge?

Physics gives a short introductory course in computing, including
Linux, for its students over the summer between sophomore and junior
year.  It's not exactly that the knowledge is "needed" for other
courses, but to make sure that students have some rudimentary
knowledge in case they ever do need it.  The critical parts of the
course are learning LaTeX and Mathematica, but we hope that the
students come away from it a little more comfortable with Linux.

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> I'm thinking this could be a brief 30-60 minute tutorial given at some
> time next week after getting word out to the relevant professors. Is
> there anyone else who'd like to help?
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Unfortunately I'm a bit behind on other responsibilities.  If you need
assistance you might try talking to Dr. Ruskell or Alex Yuffa.

Erich Hoover
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