LUG: Linux Workshop in B56 Thursday, January 21st

Michael Rose mirose at
Sun Jan 17 11:17:44 MST 2010

Hey LUG,

After talking to people and finding class schedules, I've decided on
holding the workshop on Thursday, January 21st in CTLM B56 (the lab
furthest from the Mac Lab we normally meet in).

We'll be going over shells and navigating a command-line environment
as well as a little bit on programming (makefiles, system calls in
C++, gcc/g++ and the like), the filesystem layout, redirection,
command piping, and all sorts of useful resources. If there are any
special topics you might like to see at the end also let me know.

I've had a lot of good suggestions from people on what to talk about.
If anyone would like to help me teach the actual workshop, please let
me know in the next few days so we can discuss it.

Also, be sure your Isengard accounts are created if you'd like to
follow along. I will be having people SSH into Isengard to try
commands. To create your Isengard account, go to:

Michael Rose

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