LUG: Linux Tutorial Preparation

Michael Rose mirose at
Fri Jan 15 16:42:34 MST 2010

Hey LUG,

A lot of classes will be needing to use Linux at least in some basic
fashion in the next semester, including some of my own. When queried
by professors, a lot of students don't have the basic knowledge to
navigate a command-line Linux environment. So far I can think of:

Parallel Computing for Scientists and Engineers
Operating Systems
Networks and Evaluation
Geophysics courses?

Does anyone have more courses Linux is needed in? And which specific
Geophysics/Physics courses need rudimentary Linux knowledge?

Also, what else needs to be taught? So far I have the following:

-What is bash?
-Basic command line usage (ls, cd, cat, cp, rm, mkdir, rmdir)
-Editing files from the command line (nano/vim)
-Basic C/C++ compilation (gcc source.c, g++ source.cpp)
-Running files from the shell
-Basic makefiles
-Linux system calls (C++ tutorial)
-Networking tools

I'm thinking this could be a brief 30-60 minute tutorial given at some
time next week after getting word out to the relevant professors. Is
there anyone else who'd like to help?

Michael Rose
CSM LUG President

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