LUG: Google Calendar and Meeting Minutes

Michael Rose mirose at
Thu Sep 17 21:15:56 MDT 2009

Hey LUG,

I've linked the Google Calendar for the Linux User Group:

We have the regular meetings and the first Linux Help Session on
Saturday, October 3rd. Dan Williams (dadwilli at is heading up
the Linux Help Session for those in Geophysics, Fortran, or any class
dealing with Linux. If you have anything to add to the syllabus or
anything to contribute email Dan.

We're working on getting a site (hosted on its own server at the school)
running with its own forums. Organization is coming. :) We should be
able to communicate much more effectively with a forum.

ACM may be making a return. Nick is checking into that.

CSM Pendrive Linux is a go. We're hopefully going to make a slim Linux
with most the tools that a CSM student would need and distribute the
image + the ability to put it on a USB thumbdrive. We'll discuss that
during the next meeting.

We also might do a community service project based on interest. The idea
is to refurbish old laptops and load Edubuntu onto them. We could then
donate them to Youth shelters or similar.

We discussed fun things to do at meetings, such as codegolfing and
exercises to improve one's grasp of the Linux command line. If you have
fun ideas, let me know by email.

See you all on October 1st at the next meeting.


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