LUG: Installfest/LAN Party: Friday, September 11th @ 6pm at the CTLM

Michael Rose mirose at
Wed Sep 9 20:18:47 MDT 2009

Hey LUG,

Just sending out a reminder about our Installfest/LAN party going on Friday
in the CTLM basement. *Please email me if you plan on attending! *We need to
know approximate numbers for pizza and drinks.

We're going to kick off about 6pm with Installfest. At Installfest we'll be
happy to install Linux on your machines (a free partition would be nice but
we can resize) or help fix current Linux installs such as with display
issues, network issues, or just about any problem or question. Bring 'em on
in. At about 8pm we'll kick off the LAN party. Pizza and soda will be
provided (though small donations to help pay would be nice as ASCSM won't
give us money for food/drink); we plan on getting the pizzas delivered at
about 8:30-9:00pm so we'll need preferences beforehand.
I know there's a lot of other club meetings/events tonight, but you can
still attend. Our LAN parties generally go until early Saturday morning
(e.g. 4-7am) so feel free to stop by and bring your friends.

We'll have a network switch in the lab for personal machines (and this year
they'll be able to talk to the lab machines, yay!), but please bring your
own network cables. If you can't/don't want to bring your own machine the
machines in the lab are pretty decent for most games we play. We'll also
have Rock Band 2/other XBox 360 games on the projectors.

The entrance is on the east side of the CTLM, on Arapahoe St. The CTLM will
be locked at 6pm and this is the most direct route to the lab.
 For the facebookers out there we have an event listing which can be found
here: If you like, join
the Mines Linux User Group facebook group. :)

See you all this Friday!

Michael Rose
CSM LUG President
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