LUG: Tonight's Meeting

Michael Rose mirose at
Thu Sep 3 21:04:24 MDT 2009

Hey LUG,

For those who were unable to attend tonight's meeting we decided a few
things. The Installfest/LAN Party will be next Friday, September 11th.
It'd be cool if everyone brought their favorite Linuxes and such to
install on people's machines. We'll have a USB thumbdrive with a good
defragger to shrink partitions (though spare HDDs would be

We also decided to try and have regular meetings every first and third
Thursdays. We can use these times to have people come in and ask for
our help. In particular, the Geophysics students working in their
Linux lab would be most appreciative of that. We can also offer Linux
tips, perhaps even compile a list of Linux tips & tricks. Maybe a
couple meetings where we all get together and just ask questions we've
run into. I'd like to discuss that more all after the Celebration of

We were also trying to brainstorm a "LUG project" as it were,
something we as a group can work on, like a Mines release of a popular
distro, or getting certain applications to work. Something along those
lines. this site can be
used to post/steal some ideas for lectures to give/request.

I'd appreciate it if current members could make an appearance at the
Celebration of Mines. Come around, demonstrate any Linux you can, get
people interested, accost freshmen/set them on fire, whatever.

The Celebration of Mines booth hours will be:

1-2: Jim
2-3: Erik
3-4: Me (Michael)

Dan will be around most of the time at the Mines Internet Radio booth
next door. I might be able to avoid classes and be there from 2-4.

Michael Rose

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