LUG: LUG Status

Michael Rose mirose at
Tue Sep 1 23:36:32 MDT 2009

Hey LUG members,

As Ryan no longer has time to run the LUG, he's passed it off to me.
I've been working to get us a new advisor, Keith Hellman has agreed to
take the position. We still need a treasurer though, Nick Gerstle has
expressed an interest in the position.

Celebration of Mines is coming up on the Fourth and we do have a
booth. I'd like to know who'd be willing to work the booth/setup from
1-3, as I have class until 3.

I don't know if we want to have an organizational meeting before the
Celebration of Mines, if we do it'd have to be on Thursday.

I'd meant to send this earlier, but Gmail's hosted services have been down.

I've been thinking of having Installfest perhaps next week or in two
weeks, maybe on a Friday. This might be pairable with a LAN party
later in the night to drum up enthusiasm and attendance at

Most importantly, continue bugging Ryan to get me mailing list admin access.

Michael Rose

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