LUG: Embedded Linux/Programming Software Opportunity

Michael Rose mirose at
Mon Nov 23 12:09:16 MST 2009

Hey LUG,

I received an email from Kevin Knussmann of Mark VII Equipment who
build automated carwash systems and are looking for a programmer to
help them with an embedded server project. I'm not sure who all would
be interested, but he is looking for programmers with experience and
interest in embedded systems, some extra details from Kevin:

"The embedded server software is off-the-shelf boa server.  The device
itself - there are 2:  A CTEK server and the Spider from AutoTec.

>From Axotec ( we are using the Spider III.
>From Axis ( we are using

There are worked-examples already running.

Qualifications that are going to be import in this application will be:
- Embedded Linux - A good understanding of how to create/modify an
embedded linux system.
- Using CGI writen in C to request data from the car wash controller
and then post it in HTML.
- Threads and IPC methods.
- RS232 communications - The Server pulls data from the Carwash
controller (An Infeneon RISC processor)."

If anyone is interested in having him come in, send me an email
otherwise please let him know if you have an interest.

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I found your name in a Linux Users Group search.  I was wondering if
you could help find a resource for a part-time project in building an
embedded Linux server.  This job is currently posted in the Mines
Online Recruiting System.

I am looking for a C programmer with web-building experience (CGI).
Additional qualifications include RS232 communications.

This web server will provide static and real-time information of a
carwash to a car-wash owner.

As background ... Mark VII is one of the leading car wash suppliers in
the US.  We are located in Arvada.  If you have been to a car wash,
there's a 1-in-3 chance it's ours.  I write the software that controls
the machines.

If you can let me know the best way to locate a potential candidate,
it would be much appreciated.  If you think it would be beneficial to
attend a Linux Users Group meeting, that would be fine as well.

Thanks in advance - I hope to hear from you soon.


Kevin Knussmann
Sr. Software Eng.
Mark VII Equipment
kknussmann at
Phone: 303-432-4554

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