LUG: LAN Party / Installfest Friday !

Samuel Goodwin sgoodwin at
Mon Sep 8 13:36:50 MDT 2008

This Friday, September 12th, 2008 at 8pm in the CTLM basement is our  
Lan Party/Installfest, so make sure you don't forget. Bring your own  
computer if you like. We can play games on the school's decent  
machines if they don't require administrator privileges to run (wc3,  
sc, q3, etc), otherwise you'll need to plan on running it on your own  

Do not stay home that evening thinking to yourself "well, I don't play  
games." Refusing to play games at all is like refusing to have  
friends. This is also our installfest for the semester, so in theory,  
students will be bringing their own machines that have issues running  
software or installing linux in general for everyone else to help fix.  
Also bring your harddrive space, lots of data gets thrown around at  
these events.

So be there or be a lamer! Even Chip is coming, that means you too can  
be there.

--Samuel Goodwin

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