LUG: Opensolaris Release Party!

Samuel Goodwin goodwinlabs at
Sun Nov 23 16:16:41 MST 2008

 From Chris:

Hi everybody,

We'll be traveling up to Sun Microsystem's again this semester for the  
OpenSolaris release party. They're releasing a new version of their  
operating system that night. This release marks the the maturation of  
their OS with many more device drivers included out of the box.

There will be free pizza, soda and (possibly) cake! There will also be  
free goodies, like usb sticks, CDs, T-shrits, and perhaps a backpack  
or two being given out.

We'll be meeting at the CTLM parking lot at 6pm to carpool up there.  
I'll be driving up there and I'm sure we can find volunteers for more  

See you there!
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