LUG: Meeting: Monday November 10th, 7pm

Samuel Goodwin goodwinlabs at
Mon Nov 3 09:59:06 MST 2008

Hopefully with a week's notice, you'll all ready this before monday:

We are going up to the SUN Campus for a tour of their server  
facilities. This is where they play with things like the robotic arms  
that manage tape drive arrays and the like.

HOWEVER, in order for anyone to go, I need your full name as it  
appears on your ID in order for you to be able to go on this tour. The  
people who make the guest badges will not be present when we show up  
at 7pm, so we need to get them made beforehand.

So remind your friends in lug (or friends who are interested outside  
of lug) that I need to know you're coming asap.

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