LUG: LAN Party! Can anyone help me be in two places at once?

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Wed Apr 16 11:42:47 MDT 2008

Can I come and play games with you and at work and stuff?

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Orrrr you could like... stay in Golden for one whoooole weekend. You  
can come play games with me at work on Saturday and roam around on  

On Apr 15, 2008, at 6:04 PM, Wojtek Rajski wrote:

> Chip I'd be willing to drive you home just learn how to write  
> shorter emails.  For my sake. Please
> Wojtek
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> Guys,
> I'd love to come to the LAN Party, but I have a problem that will, if
> left unsolved, stop me from coming.
> Normally on Friday afternoons, straight after class, I catch a bus to
> Denver, where I would catch another bus to Colorado Springs (my
> hometown). The reason? I HATE STAYING IN THE DORMS!! It's cramped,
> it's boring (I mean AFTER fun events like LAN Parties), and there's no
> privacy. If I could, I'd drive home, but I don't have a full license
> and I don't even have a car anyway.
> If I go to the LAN Party, I can't go home. Why? Because *the last FREX
> for the ENTIRE WEEK* leaves at 7:45p--15 minutes BEFORE the LAN Party
> even begins! For some reason, the FREX *DOES NOT RUN ON WEEKENDS!* I
> CANNOT TAKE IT HOME THE SATURDAY AFTER! For this reason, I'm beginning
> to think that going to the LAN Party just isn't worth it. I just might
> go home instead of going to the LAN Party.
> I have two solutions to this. The first one allows me to go home as I
> normally do, but may require additional setup on our part. We can set
> this up so that I or anyone else can connect to CSM's network via VPN
> (don't worry; I've got a reasonably large pipeline to the Internet at
> my house) and join the LAN Party remotely. I won't be able to
> physically be there, but I'll still be able to play with you, and I'll
> still be able to go home for the weekend like I normally do. Ask CSM
> VG about this; they had a setup like that.
> The second one allows me to physically be at the LAN Party, but I
> probably won't be able to go home until Saturday. For this to work,
> one of you or someone you know needs to be willing to take me to
> Colorado Springs. I have my house-key, and I know where I live, so I
> only need a ride to the Springs. This way, after the party, whoever
> will take me home can do so.
> I really prefer the first solution, because I don't want to burden one
> of you with taking me home. I'll even help with setup if necessary. If
> we have to do it the second way, though, that's fine. But if you
> reject either solution, I won't
> come. Sorry. By the way, if you don't respond by Friday morning, I'll
> assume that you can't (or won't) help me, and I'll just go home  
> anyway.
> I'm not sure putting in my opinion on Doodle would have helped; either
> I would have said I was available all three Fridays or not available
> at all. In retrospect, I realize that I should have e-mailed you guys
> earlier about this. I'm sorry for that, but I can't undo the past.
> I really, REALLY need your help. I really want to go the LAN Party,
> but at the same time, I REALLY DON'T want to be stuck in my cramped
> dorm room for the rest of the weekend with my roommate. I need time to
> unwind after a long week, and I normally get that by going home. As
> I've said, I'll help you help me, but I can't both go the LAN Party
> (physically or virtually) and go home without your help. So please,
> If you get this more than once, don't worry. For some reason, the mail
> servers are failing to respond, so I wanted to ensure that you got
> this message.
> Chip
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