[eb-grad-students] Do you wish to be considered for employment here in the division for Spring?

Kathleen Martin kmartin at mines.edu
Mon Nov 26 11:49:58 MST 2018

Spring 2019

If you wish to be considered for a working position within the EB division, please complete this form and. Submit this request to Kathleen Martin, 3rd floor Engineering Hall by Wednesday, November 30th  You must be registered as a full time EB student, in good standing (3.0). Some decisions are not made until the start of the new semester.  You can reply to this email or print it off and bring it to me. I cannot guarantee you a job, but you will be considered.

1. Last Name: ________________________ First Name: _________________________

2. Undergraduate Degree: _______________ Master's degree/Current Program________________

4. Email Address: ______________________________________

TA positions for EBGN 201 are not included in the list below.

____EBGN 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
____EBGN 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics

____EBGN 304 Personal Finance

____EBGN 310 Environmental Econ

____EBGN 320 Economics and Technology

____EBGN 321 Engineering Economics
____EBGN 330 Energy Economics

____EBGN 340 Energy and Environmental Policy

____EBGN 360 Entrepreneurship

____EBGN 425/525 Business Analytics

____EBGN 470 Environmental Economics

____EBGN 504 Econ Evaluation

____EBGN 521 Micro of Mineral Energy

____EBGN 553 Project Management

____EBGN 570 Environmental Economics
____EBGN 571 Marketing Analytics

____EBGN 576 Managing and Marketing New Products
____ENGN 585 ETM Capstone
____EBGN 590 Econometrics

____EBGN 598 Strategic Decision Making

____EBGN 598 Operations & Information Systems

____EBGN 611 Advanced Microeconomics

Kathleen Martin
Program Assistant
Division of Economics and Business

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