[eb-grad-students] New fridge on 2nd floor!

Rebecca Guillen rguillen at mines.edu
Wed Oct 10 10:30:01 MDT 2018

Good Morning!

As you saw from my previous email, we just replaced the fridge on the 2nd floor yesterday!

We are asking for your help with maintaining its cleanliness. Here are some new things to keep in mind when utilizing the fridge. You will also see these reminders on the door of the fridge.

-             The fridge will be cleaned out every two weeks, usually on a Friday. I'm going to check out its contents this week, but the official first clean will be next Friday.
-              Please date your food, if anything is undated or more than a week old when we clean it out, it will be tossed (container and all!)
-              If you spill anything inside the fridge, please wipe up your mess.
-              Be courteous of other's belongings and do not eat anyone else's food. If there is pizza/soda left over from a seminar - help yourself... but don't eat other's food.
-              Label your food/containers with your name in the fridge/freezer if you want to avoid anyone mistaking your food as theirs.
-              Please label your belongings in the freezer as much as possible so we know who it belongs to.

Becca Guillen
Administrative Assistant
Division of Economics and Business

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