[eb-grad-students] : Do you wish to be considered to work in the division next Fall?

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Mon Apr 16 11:21:42 MDT 2018


If you wish to be considered for a working position within the EB division, please complete this form and. Submit this request to Kathleen Martin, 3rd floor Engineering Hall by Wednesday, April 18.  You must be registered as a full time EB student, in good standing (3.0) and paying tuition at CSM to be eligible to work as a TA. Some decisions are not made until the start of the new semester.

1. Last Name: ________________________ First Name: _________________________

2. Undergraduate Degree: _______________ Master's degree/Current Program________________

4. Email Address: ______________________________________

I am qualified and interested in being a teaching support/grader for the following classes:

____EBGN 201 Principles of Economics

____EBGN 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
____EBGN 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics

____EBGN 310 Environmental Econ

____EBGN 304 Personal Finance

____EBGN 321 Engineering Economics
____EBGN 330, Energy Economics

____EBGN 345, Principles of Corporate Finance

____EBGN 360 Entrepreneurship

____EBGN 434 Property Rights & Natural Resources
____EBGN 443 Public Economics

____EBGN 509 Math Econ

____EBGN 510 Natural Resource Econ

____EBGN 525 Business Analytics

____EBGN 540 Accounting and Finance

____EBGN 553 Project Management

____EBGN 560 Decision Analysis

____EBGN 563 Management of Technology
____EBGN 568 Adv. Project Analysis

____EBGN 598 Leading & Managing High Perf. Teams
____ENGN 585 ETM Capstone

Kathleen Martin
Program Assistant
Division of Economics and Business

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