[eb-grad-students] Printer Updates

Rebecca Guillen rguillen at mines.edu
Tue Jan 23 10:21:38 MST 2018

Here are some updates on the printing in both labs.

EH 132

1.      You must print to Tray 3. If you do not it will bog down the printer and no one else will be able to print until it is cleared. There are instructions on the printer on how to change to Tray 3.

2.      If you use tray 3 and it still doesn't print, open the back compartment and see if there is a paper jam. That should clear any issues as long as it is printed to tray 3.

3.      If there are still issues or you think it is bogged down by a misprint to another tray, come see me. If I can't fix it, we must call CCIT to try and fix it.

EH 210

1.      The printer is not automatically loading to the computers in the lab... BUT the printer does work.

2.      To add the printer go the search option on the computer and type \\lightning\eh210printer-1\<file:///\\lightning\eh210printer-1\> or click on the hyperlink<file:///\\lightning\eh210printer-1\> to try and add the printer to the computer. Then you should be able to print properly.

3.      The link and name of the printer are also labeled on the printer.

Becca Guillen
Administrative Assistant
Division of Economics and Business

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