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Kathleen Martin kmartin at mines.edu
Wed Jan 10 10:27:06 MST 2018

Good morning!

The computer labs in Engineering Hall (both 132 & 210) will now be using the OrePrint system. If you have printed in the CTLM building or elsewhere on campus, you may be familiar with it, but if not here are some basic things to know:

1.      Your tech fee allows you to have $8 worth of printing, which is approximately 100 pages in monochrome. The cost changes if you print double sided or in color elsewhere on campus, which is why that number of pages is approximate.
2.      The department will provide you with printing up to 400 additional pages each semester, as needed, in the form of OrePrint cards. When you have used your $8, please see Becca  or Kathleen to get a print card. Once you have exhausted all of your provided print resources, you may purchase your own print cards at the CTLM Computer Commons or the Arthur Lakes Library.
3.      If you have any questions about how the OrePrint system works please see the OrePrint FAQ page<http://inside.mines.edu/CCIT-OrePrint>.
4.      If you are having issues connecting your laptop to the new print servers, please head over the CTLM Computer Commons and they will be able to assist you with getting your computer connected. There are basic instructions on the FAQ page, but should you still have difficulty, they will be your best resource.

Kathleen Martin
Program Assistant
Division of Economics and Business

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