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The latest news from CERSE at Mines.
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Petroleum engineering department pilots summer externships program

In an effort to combat the effects of the current industry downturn on student work experience, the Department of Petroleum Engineering took on a new initiative this summer, offering externships to rising juniors and seniors. The externships ran over the course of five weeks, and three different sessions were taught with topics in drilling and data analytics, hydraulic fracture design, and enhanced oil recovery.

F.H. “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Energy Distinguished Department Head Chair Erdal Ozkan initiated the program, saying that "the best way to fight the negative effects of the industry downturn is to better prepare our students".


CERSE Dean Ramona Graves gave her praise, saying that the department "has done a fantastic job in this downturn of the market, with the uncertainty of the market, to take care of their students.”

Read the full story here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/petroleum-engineering-department-pilots-summer-externships-program>.

Maxwell's hydrology research finds 'missing' link in water modeling

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/446f5be043a0ebaf011ac4efc/images/8f83d12e-e50b-43a3-b9d0-b0be44cecd3f.jpg]<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/hydrology-research-finds-missing-link-water-modeling>Groundbreaking research on global water supply co-authored by Mines Hydrology Professor Reed Maxwell and alumna Laura Condon, now assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Syracuse University, appeared in the July 22 issue of Science Magazine.

The paper, “Connections between groundwater flow and transportation partitioning”<http://science.sciencemag.org/content/353/6297/377>, tackles the issue of global freshwater supply by taking a unique approach in quantifying the water that plants release into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration in conjunction with evaporation of water from the soil.

“Understanding how much fresh water we have on Earth seems like it should be an easy problem, but it’s not,” said Maxwell. “Since evaporation and transpiration often produce more water than surface flow from streams and rivers, this makes them very important for a fundamental understanding of seemingly basic questions like water flow”.

The study’s findings are paving the way for better global water models, which will greatly improve how scientists understand freshwater flows at continental scales. Groundwater flow seems to be the missing link in reconciling observations of plants’ water usage with computer simulations, and may allow scientists to move towards a better understanding of how much freshwater is present on Earth.

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/hydrology-research-finds-missing-link-water-modeling>.

Mines welcomes 28 new faculty, 10 in CERSE

Colorado School of Mines is proud to announce 28 new faculty members for the 2016-17 academic year. This diverse group of faculty is invested in educating the next generation of innovators, as well as conducting fundamental research with the potential to change the world.
CERSE is proud to welcome 10 new faculty members into all six of its academic units, including two new chaired positions. The new faculty are: Melanie Brandt (LAIS), Brandon Dugan (GP), Tülay Flamand (EB), Richard Hunt (EB), Adrianne Kroepsch (LAIS),Alexei Milkov (GE), Jennifer Miskimins (PE), Andrew Pederson (EB), Jamal Rostami (MN) and Greg Rulifson (LAIS).

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/mines-welcomes-28-new-faculty-members#cerse>.

Faculty and industry connect on corporate social responsibility

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/446f5be043a0ebaf011ac4efc/images/835773ae-14f6-4292-881f-f8678adfe59d.jpg]<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/faculty-and-industry-connect-corporate-social-responsibility>Liberal Arts and International Studies Assistant Professor Jessica Smith and Postdoctoral ScholarNicole Smith recently hosted a workshop for engineering professors who are integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their courses. The workshop was sponsored by J. Smith’s NSF-funded project, “The Ethics of Extraction: Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into Engineering Education<http://nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=1540298>.”

“The interviews we’ve been doing with Mines alumni clearly show that CSR is a crucial area of expertise that our undergraduates need to have,” said J. Smith. “It is important for them in their own career advancement, and is essential for their companies to maintain the social license to operate.”

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/446f5be043a0ebaf011ac4efc/images/525063af-7e5b-43eb-bf74-161c3e154356.jpg]<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/faculty-and-industry-connect-corporate-social-responsibility>President Paul Johnson said that the project “fits well with our broader university goal of ensuring that our students not only have a distinctive technical depth, but also a full understanding of the broader context of their impact to society and the complementary professional skills needed for success and leadership.”

"I’m proud that Mines is taking a leadership role in embedding CSR concepts into engineering and science curricula,” said Johnson. “Today, industry leaders are driving similar thinking into their company cultures to ensure their survival and prosperity."

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/faculty-and-industry-connect-corporate-social-responsibility>.

Mines team places 3rd in IBA Worldwide Competition 2016

From left: Matthew Bauer, Abdulah Eljalafi, Sarah King, Michael Harty, Evan Allred

On June 17 and 18, a team of five Mines students placed third in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) International Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) competition<http://iba.aapg.org/>, a prospective basin evaluation competition for geoscience graduate students around the world. More than 250 university teams from over 50 countries participate in the IBA competition each year and one winner from each of the 12 AAPG regional sections was chosen to move forward to the international competition. Mines received the Stoneley Medal and $5,000 in scholarship funds, creating a legacy after two previous third place wins in 2012 and 2014.

"With all of the excellent scientists participating at the international level, winning the Stoneley Medal was a great recognition, and we are proud to help continue the tradition of excellence here at Mines," said geology and geological engineering graduate student Michael Harty.

Matthew Bauer, Abdulah Eljalafi, Sarah King, Michael Harty and Evan Allred made up the team— the team's faculty advisor was Geology Professor Steve Sonnenberg.

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/mines-team-places-third-iba-competition>.

Mines names seven Daniels Fund Faculty Fellows, three in CERSE

On August 5, 2016, seven Mines faculty were awarded the inaugural Daniels Fund Faculty Fellows award for their proposals on how to incorporate ethics into their courses. The Daniels Fund<http://www.danielsfund.org/Ethics/> awarded Mines a $65K grant to incorporate ethics into the curriculum— each of the proposals will receive $5K for this ethics initiative. Mines is the first STEM-focused university to receive Daniels Fund grants for ethics.

[Sarah Hitt][http://www.minesnewsroom.com/sites/default/files/wysiwyg-editor/photos/Lefton_Toni-1.jpg]<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/daniels-fund-names-seven-mines-faculty-fellows>Sarah Hitt and Toni Lefton from the Division of Liberal Arts and International Studies for “Ethics Across the Honors Curriculum: Using a New First Year Honors Course as a Foundational Framework.” This proposal details the expansion of the Honors Program at Mines with two new courses focusing on an ethical framework. A new first-year honors course is in development, which will incorporate instruction and practice of professional, personal and environmental ethics.

Paul Santi from the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering for “Ethics Education for Geological Engineers.” Santi’s proposal explores how the courses “Engineering Geology Design” and “Advanced Geological Engineering Design” will incorporate considerations of ethical constraints on designs, workplace behavior and client relations. Students will also examine contemporary moral issues in geological engineering and participate in classroom exercises that demonstrate complex ethical dilemmas.

Recent Events

Payne Institute teams up with Inside Energy to host energy policy event

The Payne Institute for Earth Resources at Colorado School of Mines recently teamed up with Inside Energy to host Spark! Unpacking the Politics of Energy in Colorado.


We heard from a panel of energy experts including Mines Economics and Business Assistant Professor Ian Lange, who said that the "panel covers the full spectrum of the Colorado energy landscape."

Read more here<https://inside.mines.edu/EB-Spark>.

Petroleum engineering faculty present at Enercom conference
William Fleckenstein presents "The Next Stage of Shale Environmental Developments"

Petroleum engineering faculty recently presented at The Oil and Gas Conference, hosted by Enercom, Inc. in downtown Denver. CNBC has called the annual conference “the largest gathering of energy CEOs in the industry.”

Adjunct Professor Will Fleckenstein and Associate Department Head Jennifer Miskimins spoke on the future of shale technologies, joined by Mike Vincent, an independent frac consultant who has worked with Mines on numerous occasions in the past.

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/petroleum-engineering-faculty-present-enercom-conference>.

Dean Ramona Graves speaks at COGA Energy Summit


CERSE Dean Ramona Graves recently participated in a panel at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association's 28th Annual Rocky Mountain Energy Summit<http://rmesummit.org/con/home/program/detailed-agenda/>.

The Academic Technical Roundtable: Partnerships, innovative technologies, and studies, focused on how collaborative partnerships between academia and industry can facilitate research goals. By sharing datasets and software applications with university researchers, companies can achieve the results they are looking for more efficiently and universities can better prepare students by providing them practical experience.

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/graves-speaks-coga-energy-summit>.

Faculty News

Brandon Dugan, Baker Hughes Chair in Geophysics, is currently on a two-month long international drilling expedition aboard the Joides Resolution. Together with a team of over 30 researchers from around the world, Dugan is studying the cause of major earthquakes by drilling over 1.5km into the ocean floor at the site of the devastating 2004 Sumatra earthquake.


Lisa McNeill (Co-Chief Scientist, University of Southampton, United Kingdom), Agnès Pointu (Education/Outreach Officer, Lycée Louis de Broglie, France), Stephen Midgley (Operations Superintendent, IODP JRSO), and Brandon Dugan (Co-Chief Scientist, Colorado School of Mines, USA) observe casing operations from above the rig floor. (Credit: Tim Fulton, IODP JRSO)

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/dugan-international-expedition-studying-cause-major-earthquakes>.

Hydrology Kamini Singha was selected to be the National Ground Water Research and Educational Foundation's (NGWREF) 2017 Darcy Lecturer.

The Henry Darcy Distinguished Lecture Series in Groundwater Science was established in 1986 to foster interest and excellence in groundwater science and technology. The 2017 series will focus on quantifying water movement and contaminant transport in the Earth’s subsurface.

Read more here<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/singha-selected-national-groundwater-associations-2017-darcy-lecturer>.

Student News

[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/446f5be043a0ebaf011ac4efc/images/6a629025-5cf8-4372-af44-e221868d1185.jpg]<https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoSchoolofMines/posts/10153693458757007>Mines sisters Micaela and Michelle Pedrazas, both studying geophysical engineering, were interviewed during the Forbes Forum Powerful Women Leadership 3.0 on Aug. 25 in Panama City.

They were featured under the title: Power of the Millennials, Latin women that succeed in the U.S. The conference aimed to transform ideas and experiences into better practices of empowerment for women and men and addressed how we can integrate women as agents of change.

Over the summer, rising seniors studying geophysics, geology and geological engineering, petroleum engineering, mining engineering, and economics and business participated in field sessions. Field sessions are a unique opportunity offered by Mines, where students get the ability to practice all the skills they have learned over their last three years of study in the field.[https://gallery.mailchimp.com/446f5be043a0ebaf011ac4efc/images/c978b435-0eb3-40a5-9394-7534dd64cf7b.jpg]<https://www.flickr.com/photos/minescerse/albums/72157671112707484>
Field camp occurs over the course of 3-5 weeks depending on department, and trips range from exploring the local geology of Colorado and Wyoming, to visiting oil fields in California and Texas.

Check out more photos from Summer 2016 Field Sessions on the CERSE Flickr page<https://www.flickr.com/photos/minescerse/albums>.

Featured Events

  *   September 25-28: GSA Annual Meeting<http://community.geosociety.org/gsa2016/home>, Denver, CO
  *   September 26-28: MINExpo International 2016<http://www.minexpo.com/>, Las Vegas, NV
  *   Sepmtember 26-28: SPE ATCE 2016<http://www.spe.org/events/en/2016/conference/16atce/homepage.html>, Dubai, UAE
  *   October 5: President's Distinguished Lecturer: Bill Nye<https://www.facebook.com/events/685822494889757/>
  *   October 5-8: Mines Homecoming<http://www.minesalumni.com/s/840/index.aspx?sid=840&gid=1&pgid=4264>

Other News

  *   Osgood interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio regarding opinion piece in NYT on political history in academia<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/osgood-interviewed-wpr-political-history-academia>
  *   Lafrancois co-authors study evaluating business potential for geothermal resources in Rico<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/lafrancois-co-authors-study-evaluating-business-potential-geothermal-resources>
  *   Solar panels power materials exhibit at Geology Museum<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/news/solar-panels-power-critical-materials-exhibit-geology-museum>
  *   Rare Earths Summit attendees visit Mines<https://www.facebook.com/MinesCASE/posts/1259473497411245>
  *   Nelson featured in innovation blog<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/nelson-featured-innovation-blog>
  *   Nissen interviewed by 9News on recent earthquakes<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/nissen-interviewed-9news-about-facts-myths-recent-earthquakes>
  *   Geophysics alumna named SEG President Elect for 2016-17<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/geophysics-alumna-nancy-house-named-seg-president-elect-2016-2017>
  *   Lange weighs in on renewable energy for Inside Energy<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/assistant-prof-lange-weighs-renewables-inside-energy>
  *   Petroleum engineering faculty quoted in Rigzone<http://www.minesnewsroom.com/mines-in-the-news/petroleum-engineering-faculty-quoted-rigzone>


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